Volvo XC40 review


This is a Swedish based Chinese owned car maker that is all set to enter the booming small SUV segment later in the year 2017 with the all new XC-40. The vehicle arrived in 2018 in Australia and was poised to overthrow the larger XC60 as one of the best selling brands with the price scaled close to $40,000. It is likely to challenge the likes of Audi Q2. The brand’s upcoming new 1.5liter turbo petrol three cylinder engine that is hooked up with new deal clutch automatic transmission, with an entry level XC40 vehicles that are expected to generate at least 110kw.

The plug-in version of small Scandinavian SUV will eventually happen. But there will be eventually petrol powered versions of 1.5liters three cylinder engine spurning diesel. This SUV can be paired with the Volvo’s 2.0liter four cylinder turbo diesel engine. All wheel drive with advanced digital instrument panels along with the large census touch screen infotainment system from the XC60 and XC90 models will be offered. It has a unique interior and exterior design with mirrors for the concept cars. It also has a class leading safety with driver assistance technology. The later may deliver semi automated driving that is known as the pilot assist in the new XC60.


This car could be bigger than XC60 according to the Australia’s corporate and PR director – Greg Bosnich. Next year, when the XC40 comes to Australia in the second quarter, after it goes into production later this year. It is quite a fast growing segment and has a significant potential for its new business. It will have a compact modular architecture that can underpin many other parent companies. There will be smaller passenger cars including S40 and V40 wagon.

This is a higher performance version of the XC40 bearing polestar badges. It has the same level of camouflage like the one in Sweden. But without the snow, it would be hard to determine the car’s detailing. It is a clear production of XC40 and is heavily inspired by the 2016 that includes a side window line and takes a dramatic turn upward near the has a large portrait oriented touch screen that will control most of the car’s infotainment, navigation, and climate control functions. The interiors are inspired by larger and more expensive and will feature more grey and black plastic.

This car is compact and is based on Compact Modular Architecture also known as CMA. CMA will also be available beneath the next generation S40 sedan with the replacement with the V40 hatch. The power of new XC40 and other vehicles is based on CMA, would be a selection of turbocharged petrol and diesel engine. The T5 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid drive train might be available at some point of time. The new XC40 will be available in 2017 although the launch might not happen until later this year. This may roll on to 2018.

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