Cash for Scrap Cars and Trucks

We pay top cash up to $8999 for all types of car, trucks, Vans, 4WD’s and Ute that are no more roadworthy.

  • Cash on spot with same day pick up and removal
  • Free pick up, removal and documentation with no charges
  • Cash for any make, model, year and condition vehicle


Cash for scrap cars
Cash for Scrap Cars Melbourne

Sell Scrap Car for Cash

Get instant cash on same day for scrap cars up to $8999

Cash for Scrap Cars Removals

Free Scrap Car Removals

Cash for damge car removal service by removing accidental car

Scrap Car for Cash

Cash for Old Cars

On spot cash up to $12999 for any truck in any Condition

Scrap Car Wreckers

Scrap Car Wreckers

Melbourne’s top car wreckers with cash on spot on same day

Sell Scrap Car For Cash Melbourne

Whenever you need to get rid of junk or scrappy car, cash for scrap cars Melbourne always help car owners, regardless of their location in Melbourne and condition of vehicle. So, with our company, you can get cash for your unwanted junk car that is no more running and may be without any title. We offer free vehicle removal service to pick up vehicles from Melbourne. All process of buying scrap cars and towing them from your place completed in one day by our company.

we buy scrap cars for cash

You might be in a situation when you need to sell your scrappy car, van, truck or 4wd on same day. Then we come up with many options. You can communicate our vehicle evaluation expert with following options:

After you communicate with us, we offer free and not negotiable price quote for all cars, vans, trucks and 4wds.

Getting Cash Up to $8999 for Junk Vehicles

We are one of the few wrecking companies in Melbourne who not only offer cash for junk cars, vans, trucks and 4wds, but also evaluate or inspect them for free. We might evaluate your scrap vehicle in between $50 to $8,999 depending on make, model and age. So, if you ready, just give us a call and ask us to evaluate your vehicle. After getting evaluated, tell us your availability and we will pick up your vehicle on same day after paying money on the spot. So, whenever you call us for vehicle price, just answer the following questions:

  • What is make, model and age of vehicle?
  • What is your location in Melbourne?
  • Is the car complete and have easy towing access?

So, in every situation, you will certainly get cash for any vehicle of any condition. Read more about cash paid for old cars.

Free Removal of Scrap Cars in Melbourne

Don’t worry if your vehicle is not running or without title. Because, we are offering free scrap car towing, pick up and removal service to all metro suburbs of Melbourne. So, if your vehicle is parked with clear access for towing, then we will easily remove your car. Doesn’t matter if it’s without tyres, battery or not running. Scrap car removal is always required much effort, but we do it without asking any single dollar fee from vehicle owners.

scrap car towing for free

In fact, we give the price as we evaluate over the phone, email or online form. As a result, our junk vehicle service is completely free and without any hassle for you.

Steps of Selling Scrap Cars with us

In any circumstances, you are now able to sell your scrap vehicle within hours or may be within minutes. Our process of buying scrap vehicle is so flexible and fast, that after just one call, you get money in your hands. The reason is, we evaluate vehicles in a fast processing way, and when you book your vehicle with us, we forward it to our tow truck guy. Our trucks are all around Melbourne who collect junk vehicles from all suburbs.

Our cash for scrap car removal is very quick. Just have a look at purchasing scrap vehicles steps:

  1. Ask for free quote via phone, email or online form
  2. Schedule vehicle for our team to arrive
  3. Get cash in your hands for your scrap car
  4. Free towing and pick up from your place

How much Cash for Junk Car

There are more than hundreds of vehicle manufacturers and thousands of models. So, each vehicle has different price depending on following factors:

  • Type: car, van, truck, 4wd or bus
  • Condition: used, old, scrap, junk, running or not running
  • Age: How many kilometers and what is the year
  • Make and model: Japanese, European or American
  • Location: vehicle location whether it can be picked up

So, you can different price evaluation for every vehicle depending on above factors and many other circumstance. We also buy scrap trucks for cash.

Why Scrapping your Car

Every vehicle has a life cycle. And after some years, every vehicle need to be dispose of. And that is exactly what our company does. We purchase all scrap vehicles from all over Melbourne, collect them in our different collection centers and dismantle. So, whenever you think that your vehicle is not worth anymore, then contact our team and ask us to evaluate it. We will give you firm price evaluation for your vehicle and you can then just go ahead with our deal after claiming free junk car removal, towing and paper work.

Cash for Scrap Cars Collection Depots

Our collection centers are those where we collect scrap vehicle after picking them from different locations. We have more than fifteen offices and three main collection centers. In those collection centers, we have every facility to scrap a vehicle complete regardless of its size and weight. We wreck and dismantle every car, van, truck, bus or ute, be it big or small. We are authorize and licensed cash for scrap car company who give money for disposing all kind of vehicles in Melbourne.

Testimonials – Cash for Scrap Cars

We buy scrap cars in Melbourne and we have bought of 1000′s of scrap cars over the last 5 years. Below are a few of the testimonials and feedback that we’ve received over recent times. You can also give us feedback about our service by sending us an email and we’ll publish it on our cash for scrap cars website.

Testimonials from people who have sold us their scrap cars

We buy scrap cars in Melbourne and we have bought of 1000′s of scrap cars over the last 5 years Below are a few of the testimonials and feedback that we’ve received over that time.

“Great service for the removal of my scrap car”

“We had a scrap car sitting in the driveway for almost 3 months so we decided to get rid of it. We called a few wreckers and got the best quote from Cash For Scrap Cars. Considering that the car was scrap, it was a really good price. We felt like we got great service from the driver when he showed up. Friendly, helpful and he paid us the cash for the car when he showed up.” -Sam – H

“The best scrap car removal company I’ve used”

”I just wanted to say thank you for the really easy sale and removal of my scrap car. This was my first time to sell scrap cars , the phone operator was really friendly and booked me in with no hassle. No much more that I could ask for!” -Sarah-J

“Very happy with the outcome”

“I sold my Scrap Toyota Corolla i think it was about 1989′ for a great price. They offered my instant cash for my scrap car . The whole process from start to finish was very friendly and I ended up getting a good price for my scrap car. I’m very happy with the outcome.” -Sarath Srivanath

“Very happy with the outcome with cash for scrap cars” “I had an  old ute in my backyard that belonged to my Dad. My dad had used this company before and recommended that I call you. Glad I did!” -Simon O

Cash for Scrap Cars Service Areas

We buy and pay for scrap cars in Melbourne metro suburbs. Doesn’t matter where your scrap car is located, we’ll give you free price quote for scrap car removal. And our team will on the spot with cash for scrap car. Call us and share details of your scrap cars in Melbourne.