How to Easily Buy a New Car in another State, Without Seeing It

What if you find a perfect car, but it happens to be halfway across the country? Sounds like a surmountable task? Begin by watching a lot of photos online, trust someone on the other end with the necessary facts, deal with lots of paperwork and get the new car home. Here is how you can do it in details:-

Start shopping – if you already have a particular website you trust and would like to buy from, then you may just find what you are looking for. In different auto websites, there are cars for sale section with the right features and different filters to help you find the right car. Having a website is a good start to your research before buying your car. This is mostly important when buying long distance, since you are out of state and you do not have the luxury of seeing the car or test driving it before you buy it. while shopping online through your website, what matters is the ability of the dealer to include the link to the actual window sticker – to know which options are included and which options are included and what the price breakdown is? This is mostly helpful when you cannot see the car in person. This is critical while comparing online prices; since you want to be sure that the cars you are comparing are equally equipped and be able to compare prices differently.

View the window sticker – This is important as the information listed in the ad by the dealer is different in quantity and quality. Chances are they may provide a wrong description about the features or may list a vehicle as white, when the photos show it’s black.

Locked on target – once you have found the car of your choice, what do you do, when you see that it is in a different state? Trust your official auto website where the car of your dream is listed. A good website will probably show you every detail of the car at a crow-flies approximation that can vary significantly depending on the need to show things like mountains and lakes. Using the autobiography section of your favorited automotive website, will provide you with detailed information of the joy ride along with photographs, so that you are able to see the details up close.

Paperwork – Once you are ready to buy the car, the dealer uses an e-document service to send you a purchase agreement. This way it uses a third party web site to authenticate documents and make them legally binding just as if you signed a purchase agreement in the office. You have to pay sales tax on your new car when you register it with your home state. You won’t be financing sales tax. You must also notify your insurance agent about the new car and get the policy transferred from the old one. Finally you can either have someone drive it or drive it yourself.

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