Toyota Corolla Third generation (E30, E40, E50, E60, 1974 & 1979) Review


Japanese corolla 3rd Generation

The Toyota Corolla 3rd generation was inducted in the year 1974 in the month of April. They were rounder, bigger, and heavier Sprinters and Corollas. This lot was mostly round in shape which also had an addition of a two door lift back. The Toyota Corollas were basically named with E-30 codes. The sprinters received the E-40 codes. The E-30 coded model cars were provided with a new facelift, in March 1976, which saw a similar but a bit more advanced model, also known in the code name of E-50 model. Also, most of the E-40 models were replaced with E-60 equivalent models. The E-30 Corolla was fitted with retracting front seatbelts.

Toyota Corolla in the Aussie continent

In the Australian continent, the KE3x was mostly available in the form of a 4 door sedan, 2 door panel van (KE36), 2 door sedan, and a 4 door wagon also called the KE38. That’s quite awesome. All such models were lovely with 3k engines and a k40 manual gearbox or even a 3 speed auto. Sprinters were not available anywhere at that time. Later down the road, the KE5X models were being available also as a 2 door coupe with a 4k engine or a 4 door sedan, also with a 4k engine.

Third generation (E30, E40, E50, E60; 1974–1979)

The KE55 Japanese model was slightly heavier that the other one, due to an additional side protection on the doors, but due to the change in the body metal and seam sealing, they are prone to dirt and rust. Later the KE55 model also started using the plastic ended bumper bar as they opposed to all chrome bumpers of all the previous models, but also included a rear sway bar for the first time.

The 4 door Corolla

This third generation model was inducted either in the year 1974 or 1975. It mostly had a raised center section within the grille that had carried back to more angular bodies. There were a total of 5 Toyota Corolla models available in the market at this time. The 4 door Corolla was one of the special attractions of the car industry during that short span of time when the Toyota Corolla 3rd generation was launched.

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