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When the time comes for you to get rid of your old car, there is always an option of selling it. Yes, there are plenty of car wreckers and recyclers interested to buy all your used, old, junk, broken and scrap cars. We happen to be one of the best scrap car dealers. The minute you say to yourself that I am ready to sell my car for cash now, you will probably find some of the excellent cash for car deals.

We allow you to sell your car for incredible cash without any delay. Depending on a few key factors, our rather professional valuation experts assess your car. And soon present you with an offer that is guaranteed to be the best you’ll find. Furthermore, you can even take your time to shop around and get second opinions. And we’re still confident that the price we put on your car will be the best you’ll find.


Our sell my car offers are remarkably flawless. You can sell any of your old Toyota, Honda, Holden, Renault, Audi, Nissan, Mazda, KIA, Ford or Hyundai for excellent prices. We have years of experience in dealing all Korean, German, Japanese, Russian and European makes. Our specialists have full knowledge of each vehicle and put the best possible cash offer on your car.

Considering all the factors, our cash offer may go almost as high as a whopping $9,999. You can always use this money for an upgrade on your current car. Our sell my car for cash offers come in especially useful when you have a car that is broken beyond repair. Or probably one that is damaged to the point where repairs would alone cost you more than its actual worth.

The only smart thing to do at this point is sell your car to the right car wreckers and earn cash now. Delaying this would not help you in any way. Especially when it comes to a damaged car, you must get rid of it as soon as you can. Most of all, an old junk automobile sitting idly in your garage for long may pose a lot of dangers.


We buy scrap cars for wrecking and recycling. Furthermore, offer to pay you instant cash for it. You will not need to wait any longer than a day to have it removed from your premise. After we finalize the deal, we immediately come to your premise for towing without any delay. Most of all, we have no extra charges for that as well.

Our towing and removing services are absolutely free. We do not require you to pay any hidden or extra charges to have your unwanted scrap car towed from your premise. Our sell my car for cash now offer certainly allows you to instantly make money on your scrap car. All you need to do is

  1. Firstly, sign up for a quick quote online or call our customer support for that
  2. Leave all the required details about your car
  3. Wait for us to get back to you with an estimation
  4. Let us know if you agree on the offer we make, after we get back to you
  5. Next, let us know your exact location
  6. Clear the path for our tow trucks to get in
  7. Make sure to remove all your belonging form inside the car. Also check the trunk and dash board
  8. Make sure to remove the license plate as well
  9. Finally, receive the cash up to $9,999 right on the spot.

We do not delay in handing you the cash that we owe you. Neither do we make you wait a single day. We pay you right when your car is being towed. Or if you prefer a bank transfer instead, we do that as well. Provide us with your account details and we make sure that the money gets in your account in no time.


There are a few factors that we consider while putting a price on your scrap cars. Each of these seem to have a significant effect on the offer we make. Following are the factors that help us determine the actual worth of your car.

  • Make and Model; we require you to tell us the manufacturer of your car along with its model year.
  • Age; how long have you owned the car
  • Mileage; how much have you driven the car
  • Overall condition; it is very important for us to know what your car looks like now. Is it broken, is it crashed, whether or not it can be repaired.

These are the few things that help us get the general idea of your car. Moreover, you can always tell us any of the other necessary details that you think we must consider while evaluating.


The sell my car for cash now deals we have get even better when you have a car that has gone completely useless and immobile. We offer to pay great cash for car deals as well. And to be honest, your completely damaged cars weren’t doing you any while sitting in your garage. Therefore, you’ll only be doing yourself a favor by selling it timely.


We call our deals better than the lot because there aren’t many who will offer you instant cash right on the spot. Moreover, the chance to get rid of your old, scrap, junk car on the same day. That too without any extra charges. In addition to that, we tow your car absolutely free of cost.

There are plenty of other services that we offer. Some of which are

  • Cash for UTEs
  • Junk truck removal
  • Accidental and flood-damaged car removal
  • Used car parts at affordable price
  • Environment-friendly car recycling
  • Scrap car buyers
  • Sell my trucks for cash
  • Car dismantlers
  • Auto wreckers

We have access to all near and far sites within Melbourne. Our widespread network of wrecker yards cover almost every suburb thus making it far easier for us to reach anywhere in the city. In conclusion, we provide our services all across Melbourne.

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