Pros and Cons of Buying Cars From Private Owners

Whenever you need a car, you have different options to buy it from different source. Either you can buy it privately from used car owners or buy it from authorized car dealer. Many times, auction might be a good option if you have good experience in inspecting vehicles. So, if you have decided to buy car from a private owner, then you need to keep in mind pros and cons of it.


If a dealership purchases have their benefits then a private party purchases do also have a few:

  • They know the unit personally: Since private sellers are the owner of the car they are selling then they are surely knowledgeable to every part of the car thus, they can give you all the necessary information you wanted to know about the car upon test drive.
  • More room for negotiations: As stated above, doing business with a car dealer means that you won’t be able to negotiate that much but with private parties, they often give you the benefit of negotiation as long as it is a reasonable price and not too low.
  • Not too pushy: This is actually what I like with private party purchases for they give you your own space when doing business unlike car dealers who are too pushy thus, giving you a smoother transaction when buying a car.

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Just like with dealership purchase, a private party purchase do also have their own cons which are:

  • No car warranty: A car warranty is indeed a very important factor you should consider when buying a car especially if you don’t want to pay and be held liable to any damage your new car has even though the problem already occurs before you bought it. A car repair would definitely costs you a lot and I am sure no car buyer wants it.
  • Paper works: When doing business with a private party, it would mean that you and the seller is responsible for the paper works needed upon the transaction. Working on the paper works is indeed a hassle one where you have to visit the department of motor vehicle or any agency associated with it.
  • More footwork: Since you are doing the entire job for finding the best car for you, it would mean that you have to visit and try various private party. Finding a car that fits your standards is indeed a hard one and how much more if you don’t have anyone to help you do it which is one of the cons of private parties.

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