Porsche 911 GTS 2017 Review


Porsche 911 GTS

It includes more torque along with extra performance and standard equipment that was added over the regular Carrera and Carrera S. this is the basic set up of the Porsche’s 911 GTS range. The middle tier variant in the 991.2 guise has adopted turbochargers first time as the forced induction approach won’t satisfy anyone.

Price of GTS model

The new GTS range is priced at $282,700 and has just landed in the Australian showrooms. This also includes road costs. Just like the 911 GT3 track car, the 911 GTS is a branded road car with track ability. This is the GTS placement between the regular 911 Carrera S and the manic, track-focused 911 GT3 and is not just some spin-off.


Car details

The 991.2 update helps leverage the new found stature of the GTS. The car gets a 3.0liter flat six, just like the Carrarra S, but it has bigger turbochargers to increase the boost by 1.25bar. The electric provisions near the two snails are extensive – that are seemingly benign – reaching to the car’s gearbox and stability control parameters.

The new found GTS 331kw and 550Nm that represents a total of 22kw/50N increased over 911 Carrerra. The peak torque is at a low of 2150rpm. While the peak power at 6500rpm. The engine is available in the rear end in the GTS guise and the all wheel drive format. You also get a seven speed manual transmission and more popular seven speeds PDK automatic. At other places the GTS gets 44mm broader rear track and pumped out with guards of the Carrerra 4 and is fitted with a 20 inch center lock wheels from 911 Turbo S.

The coupe rides a total of 20mm lower than that of the Carrerra S, since they are fitted with the PASM sports chassis. They use standard 10mm PASM for convertibles and Targa. Standard equipment includes Torque vectoring control, new sports exhaust, sport chrono plus performance suit. The performance boost is supported by standard equipment across the coupe that sums up to $10,000 in total cost. It also has rear wheel steering.


The interior portion of the car

The cock pit is furnished with premium materials and controls that are laid out carefully. It is like an everyday sports car with seating position perfectly set up and throwback key turned over. The new turbo engine has a slightly higher subdued burble at idle and the PDK transmission on the test cars. This helps in promoting efficient driving when it is set to standard.

Prices of various GTS models

The suspension on the GTS coupe is well controlled on the country roads, that relays imperfections that are prominent than the Standard Carrera S. the Achilles heel is the tire noise because of the huge 305-section Pirelli P-Zero tires that roars into the rear cabin. The coupe would cost you $ $282,700, Cabriolet would cost you $304,200, and targa would cost you around $320,400. The engine is 3.0liter six cylinder turbo petrol.

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