Cash for old cars in Melbourne that offer you with the best prices in town

Cash for scrap cars in Melbourne is one of the best offers that sellers can balk upon. We are Melbourne’s best cash for old cars Melbourne Company that offers the best cash amount all throughout Melbourne. No car wrecker agency will be able to provide you with such an offer. We provide sellers up to $18,999 in cash for  used cars, especially if they are broken or severely damaged.

Cash for scrap cars Melbourne agencies  will provide you at an average of round about $5,999 or even lesser than that. In that case, if your car is severely damaged, then chances are that they will pay you even lesser in comparison to other car dealers in Melbourne. But, we at Cash for scrap cars Melbourne will deliver the maximum amount, no matter how badly damaged or in battered condition your car may be in.

So if you have a car that is broken and damaged, bring it to our junkyard and we will provide you with the best price that you may be eligible for, when selling your car. There are many junkyards that seem tempting, but you must do your research well, before even thinking of approaching for a quote from them. You begin with car wrecking and car removals services.

Cash for old cars Melbourne
Cash for scrap cars Melbourne

Finally they should be able to provide enough cash to their sellers. This would keep relations and you could also leave with on a positive note.


As they encourage repeat customers or sellers with any other broken or damaged car to sell, they will be eligible for cash for every broken car they bring in. Each of the cars will be assessed and their prices will be determined once they are in a selling mode. If you are able to tow your car yourself, then do it or you could ask for a towing service that can provide you with help in carrying a truck or any other vehicle, especially if they needed to be moved from the sellers’ garage to the junkyard.

Such junkyards are known to provide large  truck wreckers and vehicles to tow your truck and cars to the junkyard. Once it reaches the junkyard, they are sold and recycled later. But first, all the spare parts are removed and kept aside to be used later. They are usually sold to customers at discounted prices. Most of these are second hand parts for cars. It could be nuts and bolts or even the steering wheel like objects that are available for purchase later at second hand prices.

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